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The EU blog aggregator is 3 years old – and needs your help!

3 years

Bloggingportal is website that aggregates articles from hundreds of EU related blogs, including many of those hosted on The project went online on 26 January 2009 and is since then probably the only comprehensive website of this kind gathering blog posts from different sources and presenting them in an accessible format online and as email newsletter.

But despite the fact that bloggingportal features now more than 900 blogs it is not developing fast enough – and maybe even not fulfilling its potential role, as Mathew explains. In fact only a good handful of the officially 30 editors do actively select and promote posts on EU affairs. The number of languages covered is limited, with most featured posts being in English.

It is unclear where the project is heading and whether it makes sense to aim for a multilingual aggregation model that is based on manual editorial selection. Would it be better if bloggingportal focusses on simply providing the best, most comprehensive and always up to date list of EU blogs – and bloggers? Or should it just call for more volunteers to join the project as editors, potentially covering more languages? Is there a future for EU blogging as such if most well known EU blogs have massively decreased the number of posts written over the past 2 years, with Twitter taking over as quick one-line-commenting-and-linking tool?

When people prefer to just send out a link with a short comment on Twitter rather than sitting down and researching content for a longer blog post on a certain EU policy matter is it then realistic to think that those same people will read and aggregate blog posts on several EU topics? Should bloggingportal simply aggregate Twitter links and not depend on a closed group of editors selecting carefully their links?

Many questions. Maybe you can help and answer some of them? Bloggingportal needs your help. Thank you!

Update: sorry, comments are closed and I can’t activate them (BlogActiv, please help!). In the meantime, please comment on Ronny’s excellent summary of the wider role of Bloggingportal.

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