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A new, interesting tools has been launched to detect the online traces of any person. Here is what it shows for “Brusselsblogger”
The tool is called Personas and was developed by the MIT Media Lab. You can try it out here: (click on “launch personas” to start a search)

First I was surprised to see how many topics I already seem to have covered on this blog. And after looking more closely at the graphic it seems that I cover mainly professional politics online. Hmm. I somehow miss “Europe” in here. And professional EU reporting is rather done here and here.

Anyway, it might be interesting for private person and politicians like MEPs to check out their online profile.

As I pointed out in an earlier post this blog will in the future have more stuff on Brussels as a city than the EU related notion of Brussels.

By the way, here is another nice visualisation tool that exists since a while already. This is the Wordle graphic based on the Brusselsblogger feed.

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