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I went to Europarl TV this weekend to watch the speech of Czech President Klaus in the European Parliament. But to my surprise I didn’t find any full video of the speech. The only material available in this context on Europarl TV is a short editorial video about the speech (which is the video you see above Blogactiv/Wordpress and EuroparlTV seem not to work together, you have to click on the link to see the video).

Now you can think about Klaus and his EU opinions what you want (and I’m certainly not a Klaus supporter). But he addressed nevertheless the European Parliament and people should have the possibility to judge themselves.

Ironically, I think that a video of the full speech of Klaus could help Europarl TV increase its not-so-great number of viewers 🙂

Update 24/02/2009: The video can indeed be viewed on the website of the European Parliament. I have uploaded it to YouTube and you can view it here:

Update 25/02/2009: Apparently the video below that I put on YouTube only contains the introduction by Hans-Gert Pöttering. For the moment please view the full speech directly on the EP site (click on “Formal Sitting – Czech republic” and then “Vaclav Klaus” in the speakers box).

–> Watch the full speech here: (aarg, it’s in Czech now)

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  1. Censorship! Censorship! It must have been the pseudo-Communist ex-Soviet agents in the EP who did not want Mr Klaus’s voice be heard! We must start a samizdat version of EuroParl 🙂

  2. Steve & Chris, many thanks for the links, exactly what I was looking for!

    (Video is currently processed by YouTube, will upload tomorrow here.)

    While I understand that the live video archives might be out of the scope of EuroparlTV I think it would make it much easier for citizens to get all the videos in one place (especially the high profile speeches). Something for the next upgrade 🙂

  3. Hi, It seems the video that you put on youtube is only the opening by President Pöttering – you probably used “download speech” instead of “download debate”.

  4. Hi Chris, you are right. The video was already nearly 100 MB so I was in the impression it must be the full speech.

    I now downloaded the speech itself but YouTube doesn’t allow me to upload it because it’s too long. Will check out other sharing sites which allow longer videos. For the moment, people have to click through directly to the EP site.

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