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I am one of those Brussels expats who live without a car. But when it comes to shopping at a good price things can become difficult. I might have a solution for you.

Brussels is full of little grocery stores and small “express” supermarkets which are often nearby and don’t necessite a car. But they are not that good for larger “weekend” shopping (just watch carefully the price difference between a GB express and a normal GB, you will be surpised!)

Last week we have tried Collivery, a delivery service operated by the Belgian Colruyt supermarket. There are several points which really need improvement but all-in-all it is a good alternative and allows you to do the shopping from your computer and get stuff delivered.

So, instead of spending an hour or two for the weekend shopping with the car we will just order from time to time stuff via the internet and store it in the basement (of course this doesn’t work fro fresh food which we mainly get from the markets).

Our basement after collivery delivery...
Our basement after collivery delivery...

My feedback on Collivery:


  • The most important mis-conception is the delivery fee. If you order below 125 euros you pay 18 euros. (We managed to get above the treshold by ordering a lot of non-food stuff, but this is really not customer-friendly. I also think that the first order should always be without delivery charges)
  • The website needs improments. It looks like it was designed in the 90s and never updated. You cannot even sort by price!
  • In addition, the website is in FR/NL only. It wouldn’t be that hard to translate once all items in English.


  • You get the same prices as in the Colruyt shops, which are very competitive.
  • The stuff is delivered in stable boxes which you can keep for a 5 euro deposit.
  • The website at least remembers what you order so next time we just need to put in the quantities and hit “order”.

PS: You might have noted that this blog is starting to report also on aspects of living in Brussels, in addition to EU affairs coverage. This is intentional and also refelected in the updated tagline of the blog.

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  1. When they deliver, do they deliver during “working hours” (i.e. when they and I are at work) or do they deliver in mornings or, gasp, do they say exactly when they will deliver to you? (Thanks)

  2. Linda,

    Collivery has 3 delivery slots: 9-12 h, 13-17 h and 17-20 h. As I said the service is not perfect yet but can work if you have some flexibility with working hours.

    They also do deliveries on Saturday (an alternative to Saturday Carrefour shopping with the car).

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