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Today, a new special Eurobarometer has been published. It’s topic are the European elections in June 2009.Already in March this year when the first Eurobarometer survey about the 2009 EP elections came out it was surprising to note that one out of five European citizens was not aware at all that there are European elections. The awareness about the date itself has in the meantime slightly improved.

Some interesting points from the new survey:

  • Only 3% of UK citizens are aware that next EP elections are in 2009 (European average: 30%)
  • 30% of citizens responded that they will definitely vote in the upcoming elections
  • Nearly half of European say that if they would vote it would be because they are not interested in politics in general
  • Candidates positions on national issues will have be slightly more important than their views on European issues.

Download: EBS 299 – European Elections (PDF)

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