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EU domain names for sale

Brusselsblogger’s sister blog “Brusselsmedia” today features a post about an auction of EU domain names. If you are in EU communications or just responsible for an EU project you might want to check it out.mysociety.jpgThe domains are, and

Interested organisations can apparently make a bid on ebay until Tuesday next week, around 16:00 Brussels time.


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  1. I have always been wondering how much money you can earn from interesting .eu domains. I guess they are not as valuable as .com but it’s another discussion.

  2. Not sure how these designations like .eu are going to be affected in the next couple of years as they broaden out to include all kinds of designations approved by ICANN.

  3. I share with you the feeling that ICANN top-level domain decisions are not really very rea-world connected. The .eu domain names are (despite a rather unprofessional introduction) a political decision and will in the long-term be a success I think.

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