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The upcoming French presidency has opened its new website for accreditation and agenda information. I hope the presidency itself will not make an appearance like their logo.

According to the official information, the logo

French presidency logo

“…portrays the strong bonds uniting France and the European Union. It symbolises the Presidency’s commitment to work for the good of the peoples of Europe.”

It rather combines a modern sans-serif font with two lifeless flags looking like beeing pinned on a wall. It’s cold, colourless and everything else than dynamic.

To compensate, it seems that the French have added a so called “visual identity” around the logo, representing the words “French Presidency of the EU” in the language of the different member states in a colour corresponding to their flags. Nice idea in fact, wouldn’t there be that bad logo.

The website itself is difficult to judge yet. But nice to see that it’s published in 5 languages.

French presidency visual identity

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