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I am not sure what the Mediterranean Union is exactly about (and not many seem yet to know a lot more than me) but Turkey still plays a major role in my opinion.

The idea to associate Turkey to the EU in form of a member of the Mediterranean Union would probably fit very well with the German Christian Democrat’s vision of a “privileged partnership” for Turkey. Suddenly all Mediterranean countries have a real “partnership” perspective and Turkey (as by far the largest member of a Mediterranean Union) could play a major role in it.

I have to say that I did notice that there were some reports that Turkey was reassured that the membership in a Mediterranean Union would not replace its EU membership perspectives. But the Guardian article referenced in this (up-to-date and good) overview at Wikipedia seems to have disappeared. Also other articles were not clear who assured whom and at when.

Finally, let’s have a look what EU leaders have today approved regarding the Mediterranean Union. Not much, that is clear. The only reference to the new union is in an annex to the the Presidency Conclusions and it’s just one paragraph:

“The European Council approved the principle of a Union for the Mediterranean which will include the Member States of the EU and the non-EU Mediterranean coastal states. It invited the Commission to present to the Council the necessary proposals for defining the modalities of what will be called “Barcelona Process: Union for the Mediterranean” with a view to the Summit which will take place in Paris on 13 July 2008.”

I assume the Commission services involved will need to make some phonecalls to Paris and Berlin in order to understand what should be developed.

What do you think the Mediterranean Union is about? And is that good for Europe as a whole?

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