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The European Commission announced today that it allocates 160 million € to alleviate hunger in the world’s poorest regions. I have tried to put the numbers in context and compared it with some EU member states’ financial contribution to fight hunger.

I have taken the figures provided in the World Food Programme’s annual report for 2006. The difference in contributions by the big EU member states are large (note that member states contribute each on their own, in addition to the European Commission aids). Maybe this is not a surprise for people who work in this policy field but for me this was quite interesting. An overview:


I have also had a quick look at the nominal GDP of the above mentioned countries and compared it to their respective financial contribution to the World Food Programme. The results speak also a relatively clear message: In GDP proportions…

  • the USA is the largest contributor,
  • the UK’s contribution is half of that of the USA,
  • Germany’s contribution is half of that of the UK
  • France and Spains contribution is each about half of that of Germany
  • Italy’s contribution is about half of that of France

Am I missing something here, or is the fight against hunger in the world primarily of responsibility of the UK, Germany and the European Commission? Any clarification or background information is appreciated.

By the way: The World Food Programme has recently reported that it is 630 million euros short in aids due to rising food prices. So there is still some opportunity for the member states to show their willingness to support the fight against hunger in the world.

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