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Living close to the “Turkish” district in Brussels, I am used to young people celebrating in their cars after an important football play. But when looking more closely this afternoon I realised that it wasn’t the Turkish nor the Fenerbahçe flag they were waving. The name on the flag was Kosova.

So, this time it wasn’t young Turkish people cruising around the streets with their horns constantly on.

Many of those people that fled Kosovo during the war where today celebrating their new state. Also those Brussels joined the celebrations that started in Pristina already yesterday night.

What was nice to see: Not only young crazy people who like to lean far out of their window populated the streets of Brussels but also several “family” cars with a small Kosovo flag on the back of the car could be spotted. Inside, you could really see the happiness of the whole family: from the kids to the dogs, everybody was packed into the cars.

Here some pictures from Brussels, about 1 hour after the birth of Europe’s 47th state.




Note that the ethnic Albanian population uses the name Kosova, while the official English name is Kosovo. Also, in the pictures, you see the Albanian version of the Kosovo flag. It’s not the official flag of the new state, which is shown below.

New flag for Kosovo, as adopted on 17 February 2008 (the six stars stand each for one of Kosovo’s ethnic groups: Albanians, Serbs, Bosniaks, Gorans, Roma and Turks):
Flag of Kosovo

Albanian flag, used by ethnic Albanians in Kosovo:
Flag of Albania

: EUBusiness/AFP has a story on the Brussels celebrations: Jubilant Kosovo exiles take to the streets in Brussels

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