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This controversial video is currently shown on African television channels. It has been produced in Switzerland, with some EU support.

Maybe the next step is a video showing dead African immigrants arriving on Europes Southern borders? What a shame for Europe that it has no other message than that.

Further reading: TV Campaign Tries to Scare Away Africans From Entering Europe [DW-World]
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Update: The spot was produced by the International Organisation for Migration which received EU funding of 1.5 Mio euros for a period of 3 years.The European Commission its involvement in the campaign, while highlighting that the IOM remains responsible for the content of the TV spot.

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  1. I find it shameful that European governments fund a campaign which is likely to have a very small impact on reducing the migratory flows from Africa, but risks having a much higher impact on Europeans themselves, who will continue associating African youth with beggars living under bridges and persecuted by the police.

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