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On Sunday, 25 November, Romania will hold its first European elections. While Romanian MEPs have been already present in the European Parliament as observers and since 1/1/2007 as regular members it is the first time that Romanias will have the possibility to directly elect their candidates to the European Parliament.

Romania 7th largest country in European Parliament

In Brussels itself it is very quiet around the Romanian Euro-elections. Despite Romania being 7th largest EU country (in terms of numbers of MEPs), neither EurActiv, nor Euobserver or the Parliament Magazine have written any article about the upcoming elections.

This might be due to the fact that there are doubts about the qualifications of Bulgaria’s MEP candidates and that the interest in the elections in Romania itself is relatively low. Kosmopolit has a more in-depth analysis:

“Postponed for more than half a year, they were not at all popular among politicians from across the political spectrum. An explanation could be found in the fact that the mandate they would run for is not a regular one but only one year and a half long, without yet enjoying the financial benefits foreseen in the EP reform due in 2009. Moreover, being elected for the European Parliament would mean being “banned” from the Romanian political scene exactly in the important electoral year 2008 (with presidential and parliamentary elections in Romania).”

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  1. Well , EurActiv did publish an article on Nov 23rd, and others afterwards, but I agree- the topic is relatively absent in the media.
    Unfortunately, the first European Elections in Romania is not an interesting issue even for most Romanians.

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