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The Economist suggests that the EU leaders should sign the new EU treaty in Brussels and “just call it the Treaty of Lisbon” in order to avoid a travel circus from Lisbon to Brussels where the regular EU summit takes place. But the question is not that simple.

Also Peter Sain ley Berry from EuropaWorld comes up with a similar idea: The Portuguese EU presidency should sign the Treaty in Lisbon and then fly it over to Brussels where the remaining 26 EU leaders would put their signature on the document.

The main question is: do we want EU treaties to have the city of signature in their name (like with the treaties of Maastricht, Amsterdam and Nice) or do we stick to more functional names, like Merger Treaty, Single European Act, and … Reform Treaty.

If we stick to the first idea than the summit should take place in Lisbon. And this exception to the rule that all major EU summits are held in Brussels could be used for every future summit where treaties are signed.

But if we keep the principle that all European Council meetings are held in Brussels that the new treaty should just be called “Reform Treaty” and should be signed in Brussels.

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