SWIFT: Why the EU Parliament’s new conditions could be worthless

Posted by brusselsblogger on 07/05/10

The European parliament adopted a resolution on the SWIFT data transfer negotiations. Here is why even the Parliament’s conditions are problematic. var addthis_config = {“data_track_clickback”:false,”data_track_addressbar”:false,”data_track_textcopy”:false,”ui_atversion”:”300″}; var addthis_product = ‘wpp-3.0.5′;

Banking data: Why MEPs must say no to SWIFT agreement

Posted by brusselsblogger on 07/02/10

I have written before why the SWIFT agreement is bad for Europe. This post is an update based on the final agreement and the new arguments that have been brought forward. In short: the situation has not changed and MEPs should reject the SWIFT agreement.

5 reasons why the SWIFT deal is very bad for Europe

Posted by brusselsblogger on 27/11/09

Today I will list the 5 main arguments against the EU bank data transfer deal with the US.

SWIFT – EU to grant USA nearly unlimited access to all EU banking data

Posted by brusselsblogger on 26/11/09

The EU justice and home affairs minister are about to agree on a large-scale banking data sharing plan with the United States. The agreement will have a massive impact on the privacy of banking data of European businesses and citizens.

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