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Posted by brusselsblogger on 14/11/08

Yesterday the logo for the upcoming Czech presidency of the Council has been revealed.

EU Presidency Logo

This blog already has some history of commenting on EU presidency logos. So here are my thoughts on the Czech one:

  • As they Czechs say themselves it looks “playful”. But it also means that at first sight it doesn’t make you think of a logo for an EU Council Presidency.
  • The colour scheme used makes it look a bit like the Google logo. Maybe not a bad sign for the upcoming presidency website :)
  • Also because of the colours, it is unfortunately not very readable. One could also say that the CZ stands out much more than the EU letters, because of the different colours used for each letter.

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  1. Comment by josef | 2008/11/16 at 01:18:05

    The colors of the letters EU are from the EU flag. The coloros of letters CZ are from the czech flag. The colors of 2009 are all the other colors on the flags of the countries of EU…I like it very much

  2. Comment by Aaron | 2008/12/14 at 01:48:23

    Just like the sugar cube clip and the ambiguous slogan “we will sweeten Europe”, everything we heard from Praha lately sounds eurosceptic (or ambiguous because they can’t always be upfront about it). I agree that the French logo sucks. But still… Choosing a “playful” logo looks like a way of saying “we don’t take Europe seriously, so what ?”.

    And the Irish-coloured 00 in the middle look like a well chosen bad omen to me.

    But let’s cheer up. If tycoon Rupert Murdoch, mercenary Declan Ganley and egomaniac Vaclav Klaus succeed in killing the treaty (with opt-outs), we’ll have to resort to the good old-fashioned idea of a European heartland. Like a French-German-Benelux federation. That would p*ss off the Czech!

  3. Comment by Tarkan | 2008/12/16 at 01:00:33

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